The XBody Newave Med is a certified medical device for rehabilitation, recovery and muscle re-education.

For medical practices, physiotherapists and sport/rehabilitation centers Newave Med offers the perfect solution between surgery and training, and it can reduce the time needed for recovery significantly.

Available on the markets in 2018.


Certified Medical Device

From its development to its manufacturing processes, Newave Med was created to fit the needs of medical professionals to help clients who suffer from injuries and pains.

Newave Med devices are designed and manufactured in compliance with the TÜV Rheinland IEC 60601 Medical Safety Standards and 93/42/EEC Medical Regulations and they have been certified through these rigorous approval processes. Complying with these strict regulations ensure maximal safety for treating injuries and the unwanted consequences of an inactive sedentary lifestyle.

Effective and safe recovery

Newave Med is based upon targeted muscle stimulation and carefully constructed recovery training programs. By focusing only on chosen muscle groups and precise exercises, and by paying close attention to customize the training for each individual, the clients can receive a uniquely focused training that is easy to do, comfortable, safe on the joints and results in amazing progress.

Newave Med offers the opportunity to provide new ways of therapy to clients, improving their success rate and reducing the length of treatments, while creating loyal and truly grateful clients in the long-term.

Expert help in rehabilitation

The features of Newave Med were designed for medical professionals by medical professionals. The built-in recovery programs, the low-frequency stimulation and the strategically placed electrodes were all designed to provide an effective help in rehabilitation.

Newave Med is equipped with built-in Medical Protocols that include treatment plans, recovery training programs, and carefully designed rehabilitation exercises to help the recovery process. All these protocols were created and developed by world-renowned physiotherapists and medical experts to provide the most effective treatments to clients and help the medical professionals in constructing their own recovery plans for their clients.

The device comes with dedicated rehabilitation guides for treating Total Hip Arthroplasty, Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Total Knee Replacement, Lower Back Pain, Obesity, Sarcopenia and Total Body Reconditioning. Our built-in protocol features three different phases of therapy: Post surgery, Weight-bearing, Proprioceptive to provide a complete set of programs from the beginning to complete recovery.

The Certified Therapist

Newave Med is a truly one of a kind advancement in the EMS and medical technology. By using low-frequency stimulation, strategically placed electrodes and built-in recovery treatment programs it can speed up the rehabilitation process while improving its effectiveness and comfort.

Newave Med has been granted the IEC 60601 medical safety and  93/42/EEC certificates and its recovery programs were constructed by world-renowned medical experts to offer maximum joint-safety and effectiveness to the clients.

Experience the new way in therapy in 2018 and find out how it can help your clients to a speedy and comfortable recovery. Grow your practice by opening up new business opportunities with Newave Med:



Grow your practice and help your clients with the Xbody Newave Med, a certified EMS medical device.

Wired EMS stimulation

The device and its training software is connected with the strategically placed electrodes to send the right signals to all the right places during training. This low-frequency stimulation helps to recover the muscles without putting any unnecessary strain on the joints.


Certified Medical Device

Newave Med is certified by IEC 60601 medical safety standards and 93/42/EEC regulations to provide that increased reliability and safety measures that are crucial in a medical environment.

Video Based Medical Protocols

Created and developed by world-renowned physiotherapist and medical experts, Newave Med features built-in medical training and recovery protocols to help the speedy and safe recovery of clients. These programs can be customized and constructed to fit each individual’s pprogress level and recovery needs.

Personalized recovery sessions

Each treatment program can be customized to fit the client’s specific needs and each recovery session and even exercise can be personalized to the client’s progress level, the level of their injury and the specific phase they are in their recovery plan.

Multiphase therapy

Regardless the recovery phase your client is in, Newave Med offers various medical protocols and exercises you can choose from while planning their recovery, or you can even create your own using the custom stimulation settings.

Based on the successful Newave device

Newave is one of the most successful professional EMS devices in the world that has proven its effectiveness and reliability over the years by being in active use in more than a thousand studios each day. Advanced wired training, a wide range of features and high-quality materials represent Newave.


EMS meets medical standards.

Newave Med was specifically designed for medical use and rehabilitation. Be it a physiotherapist, a medical practice or a sports/rehabilitation center, Newave Med will open up new business opportunities and it will revolutionize the way and comfort your clients can recover.

Learn more about our business models.


Discover new potentials in your medical practice

Newave Med provides new ways for recovery and you can expand your traditional practice with XBody’s advanced EMS stimulation techniques. Offer your clients a new service and gain new ones by providing a quality experience, comfortable, fast yet safe results.
Rehabilitation with Newave Med is much more comfortable, enjoyable and puts less stress on the joints than traditional recovery techniques. Focused recovery programs with EMS technology provide unique opportunities to heal and recover after injuries that your clients cannot get anywhere else.
Even though Newave Med is a complex device complying with multiple regulations, the user interface is so easy to handle and so easy to learn, that after proper training even an assistant can deliver the same results, and once you attach the electrodes it operates «Hands-Free», making the process convenient for everyone. These features are saving you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.
Newave Med makes rehabilitation more effective, however recovery can still be a long process that needs regular EMS sessions, offering recurring revenue for your business in the long term. Localized strengthening and training programs focused on certain muscle groups will be needed for the clients even after recovery, to prevent further injuries.


Easy-to-manage rehabilitation

All functions related to the rehabilitation training are available on a single training window. Stimulation intensities can be fine-tuned with the help of 10 channel regulators for the whole body. The stimulation signal can be parameterized to fit various needs. The responsivity of the stimulation system guarantees the safe and highly effective rehabilitation.

10″ touch screen

Tablet-sized and durable touch screen, easy to use, easy to learn. The clean graphical display provides a trendy and nice look to the users.

Conveniently sized

130 cm (~4,2 ft) tall, 40 cm (~1,3 ft) wide, easy to move it around in your practice and you can also carry it to your clients.


Being only 17 kg (~37 lb.), you can easily carry it around, and the shipping is also reasonably priced.


The displayed texts and the virtual keyboard can be customized to support numerous languages. Translations are available for most of the European, American and Asian languages.

Advanced stimulation

The device uses a symmetric bipolar square wave for stimulation. The frequency of the signal can be set between 1-100 Hz which is the most efficient operational range of EMS. The Newave Med can be used in continuous and burst stimulation modes.

Regular Software Updates

Our Research and Development Team continuously works on delivering improvements that make the use of our device convenient, our softwares, features and services up-to-date, and always at least one step ahead.

Easy maintenance

Our devices are designed to excel in making maintenance as effortless as possible. All spare parts are continuously available from our warehouse or at our local distributors.

USB port

With the help of the USB port the Newave Med is able to provide import and export functionalities for device backups and statistics. The software can also be easily updated by downloading our updater files to a USB stick and plugging it into the machine.


Multiple stands are compatible with XBody Actiwave, Newave and Newave Med.

Standard stand

The Standard stand fits in every environment, yet its ergonomic and unique design makes it stand out, and it won’t take up more than 2 m² of your space. Due to its light weight, you can transport it easily.

FlowR stand

The FlowR stand makes wired group training easily possible, on the highest level. Installing Newaves to the Flower stand will let you train 3 clients at the same time, but having 3 Actiwaves will give you the opportunity to train up to 3 x 6 clients!

Port stand

The Port stand is always at hand, whether it’s a personal training requested in a client’s home, or during travel or vacation. It’s easy to transport in an elegant suitcase, so the trainer can deliver quality training off-studio.

Wall stand

The Wall stand is a perfect combination of a space saving wall fixture and a portable version. Use it fixed on the wall in your studio, and make it mobile with one simple move if needed. The power supply is discretely hidden for a polished look. It is ideal for yachts and cruise ships as well.




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