We care about your success. That is why we provide each of our partners with know-how, ready-to-use marketing materials and market-proven business models on how to make their EMS business successful.

Find out which business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 2 000 success stories with XBody.


XBody’s goal is to see you and your EMS business succeed. That is why we don’t just sell equipment, we provide know-how, expert knowledge, business support and implementation help as well.

Proven business concepts to fit any goal

We understand that getting started in EMS is first and foremost a business decision and if done well, it can be a very lucrative one. That is why we don’t just help our partners with investing in the right equipment, we want to make sure they use them well and they know how to build a successful business around it.

Over the years we have analyzed our most successful partners and how they run their own operations and we have distinguished four business models that have consistently proven to produce the best results.

There is a way to succeed with XBody EMS for any goals and any sizes:
1. For small studios or franchises: Microstudio concept
2. For mid-to-large sized fitness studios: Shop-in shop concept
3. For personal trainers: Personal, VIP, Corporate concept
4. For physiotherapists and medical experts: Medical concept

Join the more than 2000 success stories

Our business concepts have not evolved from a theoretical standpoint, they have been tested and balanced over the years in real life and they have helped more than 2 000 XBody EMS studios succeed around the world.

Each business is unique however there are certain characteristics and basic principles that can be applied for any studio to make them more successful. We collected all these experience and knowledge into each of our business concepts so we can provide templates for success for all of the most popular business goals with EMS.

We share our know-how and experience

With the help of our extensive partner community, we have gathered all the real-life experience and practical information on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to starting and running an EMS studio.

While we are regularly experimenting with revolutionary new business concepts ourselves, we are constantly organizing all the practical experience and market knowledge from thousands of partners around the world and share it with all our new partners, so they can instantly know and do what works and they won’t have to try experimenting for themselves.

Start small,


Small studio, small investment, large profit.

Opening a microstudio is one of the easiest ways to succeed in EMS. With XBody you don’t need large spaces and lots of equipment to run a successful studio.

Start your business small and safe, and use your profits to grow.

The most popular business concept around the world.

Benefits of the Microstudio concept

How can you benefit from the Microstudio concept?

Our recommendation

Choose the following XBody device for the Microstudio concept:

Expand your studio.


Expand your gym or fitness studio with XBody EMS training.

Reach completely new markets by offering EMS training in your studio and increase your revenue by offering EMS with upgraded memberships.

Low investment needs, high returns, and recurring revenue.

The most profitable way to expand your gym and fitness studio.


Benefits of the Shop-in-Shop concept

How can you benefit from the Shop-in-shop concept?

Our recommendation

Choose the following XBody device for the Shop-in-Shop concept:

Build your clientele as an


If you want to stay flexible, you can succeed even without a studio.

Do you want to build a clientele around your own personal brand and skills without investing into a studio?

Offer personal trainings to your clients and “bring the studio” to their house, focus on special-needs and VIP clients, or offer corporate trainings to local companies.

The easiest way to build your clientele.

Benefits of the Personal, VIP, Corporate concept

How can you benefit from the Personal, VIP, Corporate concept?

Our recommendation

Choose the following XBody device for the Personal, VIP, Corporate concept:

The revolutionary new way in


Use EMS to help your clients recover and heal faster.

Expand your practice with EMS and offer a unique solution that can heal muscle or joint injuries much faster than traditional methods.

Gain a competitive edge in the fields of physiotherapy, muscle recovery, pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

Become one of the best in your field by using XBody’s new technology.

Benefits of the Medical concept

How can you benefit from the Medical concept?

Our recommendation

Choose the following XBody device for the Medical concept:


EMS is one the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry

Thanks to its proven effectiveness and low investment needs compared to other training methods, EMS has experienced exponential growth in the fitness industry. Thousands of studios have become successful and multiple EMS studio franchises have emerged from this technology.

The entrance to this market is now easier than ever for anyone who may want to own their own studio. Today’s technology is highly advanced and reliable, and the market need has already been created so all anyone needs to do now is to simply fill the need for more studios.

XBody is leading the way in the technology of EMS devices, we have developed award-winning EMS products with both wired and wireless technologies and we are proud to offer features and solutions you cannot get from anywhere else.

Open your studio with XBody and join our success stories

Studios opened with XBody products have proven to be highly successful around the world. This is partly due to our advanced EMS training devices but also largely to the unique level of business support and marketing know-how we provide our partners.

All our products are carefully manufactured, individually tested, made from the highest quality materials in order to be as reliable and effective as possible. Our EMS devices have one of the lowest maintenance needs in the industry, which can save our partners hundreds of euros/dollars each month.

Find out how you can benefit by opening your studio with XBody and learn how you can be successful as a studio owner!

Become a distributor and help others realize their dreams

Are you interested in promoting a new way of fitness in your country that has proven its success in more than 55 countries already?

By representing XBody, you can represent an award-winning international brand in your country and take part in its rapid growth! By applying to become a distributor you can get the rights to distribute, resell and even service XBody solutions in your country, either together with other distributors or by serving the local market exclusively.

Find out more about the distribution rights and let’s have a conversation on how to make this happen!


Why EMS training?

Learn what full-body EMS training truly means, how does muscle stimulation work and what makes EMS training so much more effective than traditional training methods.

Why join the XBody family?

Learn what makes XBody stand out from any other EMS training device manufacturers, what are the advantages you get by partnering with us and how can you benefit by joining our family.

EMS training devices

Learn all about XBody’s EMS award-winning training devices, what they can do and how they can help your business, and learn about our professional training suit and the accessories to make each training more effective and seamless.

Why the rapid success of EMS in the fitness industry?

XBody’s EMS devices have performed an exponential growth in sales since their availability due to the following factors:

Proven Effectiveness of EMS Training Worldwide
EMS training is the talk of the town everywhere — people are increasingly interested in this future-oriented training method with thousands and thousands of satisfied clients. Why? The sessions are short, trendy and proven to be highly effective!
Award Winning EMS Training Devices
Since its foundation in 2010 XBody has won several awards all over the world and was awarded «Best Innovative Product» amongst other Innovation, Design and Business related achievements.
Successful Business Models & Marketing Support
Our goal is to provide solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, this is why we have developed several business concepts. Our comprehensive knowledge base and marketing guidelines help you to boost your ROI.

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